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Unlimited Gymnastics

*Please Note, You Must Be Enrolled AND Must Call Ahead to Reserve Spot*
What is Unlimited Gymnastics?

Unlimited Gymnastics is an opportunity to take additional classes at no additional cost.


For instance, if your child is in an Introductory gymnastics class on Wednesday, you could take any other introductory gymnastics class any other day of the week.


You just have to call ahead to make sure there is space available in the class!

*We reserve the right to turn away customers who do not call ahead*

When is Unlimited Gymnastics?

Unlimited Gymnastics is offered in July & December!

Who can do Unlimited Gymnastics?

Any student in any recreational program! It does not matter if you do Gymnastics, Tumbling, Pre-k or Ninja gymnastics!


*Team athletes are excluded from Unlimited*

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