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  • What is Annual Membership?
    Annual membership is a once a year fee for each member at a cost of $45 per child.
  • When is Tuition due?
    Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. You must pay before the 9th to avoid a late fee.
  • How many classes does tuition cover per month?
    Tuition covers 4 classes per month (1 per week). If a month has 5 weeks, you are not charged for the 5th class.
  • Do you offer make-ups for missed classes?
    We currently do not offer make-ups for missed classes. Over the course of a year, there are 4-5 months that have a 5th week in the month that you do not pay for.
  • When is the Late Fee applied?
    The late fee is applied on the 9th of every month. This is a $25 fee. To avoid the late fee, please pay before the 9th of each month.
  • How do I pay for Classes?
    Tuition can be paid for in several convenient ways. You can pay in person, over the phone, or online through your customer portal. Payment methods include: cash, check, or debit/credit card.
  • How do I know when my child is ready to move up?
    All our classes follow progressive based curriculum. Once your child attains the skills of that level, their coach recommends that they move up to the next level. Certain levels require an evaluation, while others allow your child to move right into the next level. You can always speak with your student's coach regarding what their progress is in their class.
  • What are Evaluation Weeks?
    Evaluation Weeks are designed to gauge your students progress and determine whether they are ready to move up to the next level. We evaluate students approximately every 6 weeks. Evaluation weeks take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete.
  • Do I have to sign my child up every month for classes?
    Once your child is enrolled in our classes, their enrollment carries on from month to month.
  • Is your staff qualified?
    We ensure that all of our staff is CPR/First Aid/AED certified and that they are up to date on the latest coaching techniques. Our staff also go through monthly training in order to continue expanding their knowledge and capabilities in coaching gymnastics.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We offer a sibling discount of $5 for the first sibling and $10 for all other siblings. We offer a multi-class discount (varies, see office for details). We also offer a military discount of 5% off of tuition, regardless if your Active, Veteran, or Retired.
  • Can parents watch?
    Yes! We encourage parents to watch from the comfort of our fully air conditioned facility. We will also be adding a new exciting feature in the near future! More information will be available soon.
  • Do you offer Private Lessons?
    Yes! We do offer private lessons which can be scheduled directly with your coach or the front office. You do not have to be actively enrolled in classes to do privates, but your membership must be current at the time of the private lesson.
  • What is your ratio of children to coaches?
    All of our hour long gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja classes have an 8:1 ratio. Our trampoline classes have a 10:1 ratio. Our pre-k class ratios vary by class, but are no greater than our 8:1 ratio.
  • What should my child wear for class?
    Children should wear athletic attire/clothing that does not restrict mobility. Nothing too loose or too tight. Sports attire clothing is best. We recommend that children do not wear items that have pockets or buttons such as jeans or jean shorts. For our trampoline classes, socks are required (preferably socks with grip on the soles). Trampoline shoes will soon be available for purchase in our pro-shop. Please no large jewelry such as hoops, gauges, or necklaces. Studs are ok.
  • What is Unlimited?
    Unlimited Gymnastics is an opportunity to take additional classes at no additional cost during the months of July & December. For instance, if your child is in an Introductory gymnastics class on Wednesday, you could take any other introductory gymnastics class any other day of the week. You just have to call ahead to make sure there is space available in the class! Any student in any recreational program! It does not matter if you do gymnastics, tumbling, Pre-k or Ninja gymnastics! *Team athletes are excluded from Unlimited*
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