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Endeavor Gymnastics

Junior Coach

Endeavor Gymnastics

    We Dare To Endeavor is not just a saying. It's a positive mindset that children can achieve anything when they first try! Not only does this benefit them in gymnastics, but for the rest of their lives!

What is a Junior Coach?

    The Junior Coach position gives students interested in coaching gymnastics an opportunity to become involved by allowing them to work with gymnasts and gain experience by shadowing our experienced coaches.


Students will gain invaluable experience and community service by participating in a jr coaches clinic as well as assist and work alongside our trained coaches during classes and other activities/events.


*This is an UNPAID position*


Training Hours are:

Monday - Friday; 4pm-7pm

Saturday; 9am - 12pm

Junior Coaches will receive opportunities for:

- Parents Night Out

- Class Discounts

- Community Service Hours

All Junior coaches will receive:

- Gymnastics Coaching certifications

- CPR & First Aid certifications

There is no set schedule for Junior Coaches as they determine when they want to come in. Participants may leave the Junior Coach program at any time.


Age: 14-15 years old


Gymnastics experience preferred, but not required

Maintain minimum 3.0 GPA throughout the school year

Apply to become a Junior Coach!
Please select the days you are generally available:

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you soon!

  Junior Coaches will have to submit an application for a position in the company after the conclusion of the junior coach program. There is no guarantee of a position being offered.

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