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Compulsories Girls Team

Coming May/June 2024!

Program Overview:

    The Compulsories Program (level 4 and level 5) is part of the USA Gymnastics sanctioned "Development Program (DP)" designed to offer athletes a pathway towards increased difficulty of skills, broader competitive opportunities, and potential college gymnastics scholarship possibilities. 

We see the Compulsories program as an excellent opportunity for up and coming athletes to demonstrate their potential and competitive prowess.

It is possible to switch between the Development Program and the Xcel Program after the end of their respective competitive season. There are rules and requirements depending on the program and level they enter.

No Pressure Program!


We offer 2 levels in the USAG Compulsory Program:

Level 4

Level 5

As a gymnasts progress and learn new skills, they will move up to a higher level as determined by the Girls Team Head Coaches.


Minimum Age:

6 years old for Level 4

7 years old for Level 5

Previously Competed in: Level 3

(Currently Active Level 4 or Level 5)

If coming from the Xcel program: 

Minimum Xcel Silver Required

Currently a Level 5 Athlete?

If you Have Not Competed as a Level 5:

If you met the 2 required All Around Scores (36.00 in Level 4), you may move to Level 6

We test out any Level 5 Athletes in order to move into Level 6

If you Have Competed:

If you met the required All Around Score (32.00), you may move to Level 6

We test out any Level 5 Athletes who did not meet the required All Around Score

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