Ninja Gymnastics


Children ages 5 and up will enjoy the challenge of Ninja Gymnastics! Children will learn how to tumble, flip, and more! Cardio, plyometrics, and strength training are also heavily emphasized!

Monthly Tuition

1x per week: $91    2x per week: $150

Annual Membership

$45 per Child


The Ninja Code

As a Ninja, I pledge to:

Respect & honor all those who I encounter & meet on my journey

Be disciplined & courteous at home & in public

Take responsibility for all my actions

Display restraint & patience when confronted with conflict

Push myself to work hard every day & in everything I do

Adapt & overcome any & every obstacle on my path

Be selfless in the service of others

Have safe & responsible fun

Have integrity in all things, even when no one is watching me

Be calm, considerate & understanding of the views & needs of others

Learn something new every day

Reach my full potential every day by daring to Endeavor

*Schedule is tentative & subject to change*

Beginning Ninjas

White Belt

Yellow Belt

Ages 5+; 8:1 Ratio

Intermediate Ninjas

Green Belt

Blue Belt

Ages 5+; 8:1 Ratio

Advanced Ninjas

Red Belt

Black Belt

Ages 5+; 8:1 Ratio

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